Posted by: goyo | July 13, 2008

Another Picnic

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  1. nice picnic, Goyo. Went to a similar picnic last year in San Francisco and well, as you can expect from Filipino picnics, the food was overflowing hehehehe! and I burped again and again:)

  2. Oh, I’m so jealous! Lami kaayo inyong pagkaon, gigutom na hinoon ko dah, laway-laway. The more people, the merrier.:-)

  3. Wow. Sabak2x man sa last pic. hehehe

  4. haha to say “Kodak, kodak” is so Cebuano! My titas would say, “Kodaki ra gud ko, ‘Day!” 😀

  5. gutomon man sad ta magtan aw sa food…:-)

  6. Goyo, it looks like you guys had so much fun. It is so nice that Mrs Goyo’s office has this kind of get togethers. By the way, the bbq looks so good.

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