Posted by: goyo | June 29, 2008

Jollibee Is Here! Why Am I Sad?

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  1. That totally sucks! The Same thing happen to be at Chow King in Las Vegas. At least Red Ribbon is still the same.

  2. Goyo, how can they do that? I so agree with you… what is Jollibee when all the good stuff are missing. I love the Chicken Joy but that is not enough!

    Why don’t they look for a different location? At least they can serve something that all Pinoys and Pinoys-at-heart- like.

    So sorry to hear the sad news.

  3. Hi Sir Goyo

    Good Day to you!!

    I would like to ask po for your personal e-mail address for I will be sending you a letter and a contact number po if you don’t mind, so I can get in touch with you po.

    Ridge Puno
    Jollibee Sacramento

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