Posted by: goyo | May 5, 2008

A New Journey

Travels With Goyo

has moved to it’s own dedicated site

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  1. Mr Goyo !

    Great site and what a very small world ! We used to work together in Sacramento (sort of) . Think Holiday Inn! I worked as a valet (with Jon & Rob ) on the night shift for years , years ago .

    I ran across your blog while at work and saw your pic .

    My GF is from Manila and has only been here 3 years. We are planning on visiting the PI as soon as we can get the money together!

    Great blog , I included my email as well as my blog . if your not sure who this is shoot me an email ! Glad to see that the islands are treating you well !

    take care – Chris

  2. Arnel Pineda has a great voice! He truly sounds like Steve Perry. Good luck, Arnel, I’ll be watching you. 🙂 Filipinos are very proud of you right now!

  3. this has been my first time to watch Journey’s concert tour with Allan Pineda. and im wowed and feeling great. whatta huge huge break for him. whatta huge break for a Filipino. makes me even more proud being a filipino.

    great site. see you around.

  4. just got the 3-disc set of Journey’s Revelation. Love it!! Journey’s songs are all beautiful and Arnel Pineda is phenomenal!

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