Posted by: goyo | March 29, 2008

Hello Friend

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  1. hello! i found your blog in “random blogs”

    thought it was funny that you’ve found in your travels the US to be where people don’t smile! i’ve traveled to europe and russia and had a bit of a culture shock because there they smile even less than in the states! people hardly look at you when you pass them on the streets, much less smile! (different depending on cultures, that is)

    happy traveling! 🙂

  2. I agree 101%!! Actually, filipinos are very friendly people, that’s why we love to smile. People here in Canada, they look miserable because of the lack of smile on their faces! I guess cold country, cold people. Hahaha!

  3. the land of smiling people even if loaded with problems and hardships 😛

    hope you get to visit again soon

  4. if someone smile at me, i smile back of course. it cost me nothing.
    Philippine people are friendly as what you said Goyo, im one of it.

  5. i use to smile back to people who smile at me. Y the US people r sour?

  6. i agree with you.. Filipino people are friendly and fun to be with.. Well for me smiling is the easiest thing you can do to brighten someones’ day and it makes us more prettier..hehehe
    Smile is the most effictive beauty enhancer and absolutely free!! It’s fun to smile and laugh.

    i love being a Filipino!! I love to smILE!

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