Posted by: goyo | March 27, 2008

Just Like the Eveready Battery – Still Going!

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  1. Goyo, I agree wth you. I hope Ramiele comes out of her shell soon so she can start wowing the audience.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she wins this contest.

  2. hi goyo, i’ve been supporting ramiele since day one, however, it’s kinda difficult to continue doing so when she doesn’t deliver as well as we hope she would. i have to agree with you, she has to start showing some confidence or else the pinoy votes will only be able to get her so far. neverthess, i will still continue to vote for her, as far as my ambidextrous texting and redialing thumbs will allow. 🙂

    got here through keith’s. 🙂

  3. Filipinos are shy people also. That’s why she’s timid, but a talented one indeed. The good thing is, she made it to the top 10! Good luck, Ramiele!

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