Posted by: goyo | March 9, 2008

Do You See What I See?

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  1. Goyo, I really think that people take for granted the beauty of things that you see on a daily basis. It is amazing at how a new set of eyes can bring back the magic in everyday things.

    I love your pictures but I also enjoy reading your narratives, which reflects so much enthusiasm.

  2. You are so right with your final assumption. Isn’t life ironic most of the time?

    I was born in Negros Occ. where we have the sugar cane plantation. Every owner is an ‘haciendero’ because they have the ‘hacienda’ (your ‘Azienda’). I lived in Hacienda Estrellas [must be some equivalent to the kingdom of stars] where we would go around my grandfather’s 2-hectare garden, looking up at every tree that has a ready fruit for our ‘snack’. We never felt that we were poor–we knew we weren’t rich–but we always had fun. We were never hungry because of all the abundance of the fruit trees growing around us. We were children then.

    Looking back now, I can see why those people there can’t see the beauty of the place and would trade place with you in a heartbeat. I just realized later how my grandparents and parents must have worked so hard…therefore they instilled in us the importance of education as a way of escaping poverty. For instance, the ricefield you have in your picture that is ‘so green and calming’ is somebody’s back-breaking labor. I won’t go into details, but for most…the way to enjoy the beauty of what we have is to come back with a little bit of money, so we can stand still to slowly breathe the fresh air and take time to see every flower that grows beneath our feet.

    That’s why some of us who can see beyond the hardship and rise above it would like to spend the rest of our remaining life in the Philippines. At least for me that’s an ultimate goal.

  3. amazing pictures…i so miss the serenity of the provinces in the philippines, esp my hometown in Lanao del Norte…longing to go back home.

  4. Sounds like you are smitten??? Beautiful Cebu, always.

    Just got back from Kingstree, South Carolina last Sunday.

    Of all places, the only Filipino family in town (population 3,000) is from Talisay, Cebu.

    She served me my favorite utan Bisaya – had to substitute spinach for the kamunngay and agbate. They dry their own buwad isda – delicious.

    They are looking forward to returning to Cebu at retirement time – they built a new house in Talisay.

    It was great to speak Cebuano at length! I only get to do that when I am with family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    • i live in barangay molobolo tuburan, cebu and i really appreciate how you admire the places in cebu especially you are passing by the trancentral high way , but if you have gone to barangay molobolowiht the beach and cold flowing water spring with a sea beside i am sure you admire most. and thank you..

  5. Aiyee! Oy Hala! No Cebuano in Michigan? That’s where you live di ba? I can certainly see where that would be tough on you. Have you looked into Vonage for your home telephone. $24.99 flat rate, unlimited calling and no long distance charges anywhere in the US. That way you could call San Francisco anytime you needed a Cebuano fix. 🙂 I have Vonage for my business phone and it works great.

  6. I agree with you, Goyo, the scenery just like if your in the Garden of Eden. How beautiful it is!

  7. im surprise ur back again. im the one who got jealouse of you. because you’ve been to, to many palces.

  8. Halo Goyo! nice to be back here at your website. I been on “hibernation” mode. I havent been to dumaguete. It looks so pretty esp. the boulevard. Daghan bisaya diri sa Michigan especially northern oakland county area every sabado mag get together mi for lunch or dinner.




  10. Margie, maayong pag abot akong blog gamay. Nakadiha? Maine? Tugnaw kaayo di ba? Haha. Yes, kagwapa Tuburan. Nice and green and very friendly people but you know that already. 🙂

    What is your family name there? Akong asawa is Maneja. Lola is Dalaguete.

  11. Hello-Goyo,It’s me again,yes you’re right tugnaw kaayo diri sa Maine,pero sige lang ako lang antuson unsaon nabihag man ang akong kasing-kasing sa taga Maine.My husband came from Maine,you know.Yes,i agree, Tuburanon people is very nice,just like me,hehehe.
    My family name before was:PARRILLA pero minyo naman ko karon.So,i used my husband family name HALEY.Say-Hi-to your wife for me.Kung maka-higayon siya patawaga siya nako.

  12. hi. i wonder,are you a filipino? thank you for taking your time exploring my perlas ng silangan. i also want to do the same thing. once i have the time, i’ll immediately go on a vacation. nice photos.good day!

  13. Hi, Jenny. That’s an interesting question. Here is what I always say,

    “Amerikano akong lawas pero Bisayan akong kasing-kasing”

    That’s Bisaya for “My body is American but my heart is Bisayan”


  14. Dear Goyo, I’m glad you enjoyed Negros and Cebu! I am American, but my husband is originally from both those areas. I am desperate to learn Bisaya, but as you know, it’s a fairly obscure language and there are few references for learning it. So I wanted to ask you how you learned Bisaya? Did you immerse yourself while in the Philippines, or do you know of any resources I could access in America?

    Best Regards,

  15. that is so nice

  16. hello kumusta. what a nice site. Hi Goyo… just want to know about margie…I have a cousin Margie Parilla, and i am Regina Parilla from Tuburan Cebu. I am now in TN , USA. Hi marg, kung ikae na…send me an emial .. thnks

    • Im Cherry Parilla, aren’t we long lost cuzns? I’m staying in manila. Our relatives are in Lanao del Norte. Some cuzns stay abroad.

  17. hello goyo thanks kaayo. amo balay duol kapilya molobolo ug barangay hall past na yuta ako bana mga sayson.

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