Posted by: goyo | February 12, 2008

Family and Friends

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  1. Wow, you weren’t kidding! It’s like everyone is everyone’s relative! I bet everyone’s close to everyone in the village?

  2. Ha, ha — just like our family and you sound like my bana who also loves my family even with the unpleasant scenery of Manila.

  3. I just love to be with my family, just sit down & chat about the old days & eat bananacues.=) You have a beautiful family, Goyo. Same here, I’m back in Canada now, greeted with the cold weather.=)

  4. I love looking at these photogs I get so homesick…. reminds me of old time Cebu. Hope to come home soon… like you kuya Goyo my husband is puti. He is an active duty US army Optometrist and I am in the USNR NC family nurse practitioner. We are currently stationed in AL. Our previous duty station was Alaska, we love it there but planned on retiring in Cebu. Like you my husband is from Sacto, he went to his undergrad in Sac State and his parents lives in Suison, me on the other hand hails from San Diego, my parents still lives there. We bought a house in Hacienda Salinas and planning to build our vacation home in Olango Island. Hope to hear from you and your wife or better yet meet you and your wife when we come visit Cebu this year.
    luisa and david

  5. Luisa. Aha! You’re bana is a fellow Hornet! I went to Sac State too. Unfortunately we are no longer in Cebu. Had to come back to the US and work. We need to work hard and save for our retirement in Cebu. Looking at 3 – 5 years before I can do that. Can’t wait! 🙂 Ayo ayo. Pagbantay!

  6. thanks goyo, nice pics. so lovely to be w/ the families,relatives and friends during holiday.

  7. salamat for the quick response, that’s what we are doing too working hard and saving our pera for our retirement, we have a long way to go about 10-15 more yrs for my asawa and for me before we can retire.

    keep up the nice job with your blog, love it…. until next time… regards and best wishes

  8. one big happy family and that’s a treasure you can’t find elsewhere….keep blogging, it makes us love cebu all the more. . . .

  9. Beautiful family – have some relatives (Montecillo) in Tuburan.

    Would love to invite you and Mrs. Goyo to my Tatay and Nanay’s (Rojo Side) 60th anniversary party in San Francisco on Saturday, June 28, 2008 in the afternoon (lunch) at one of the Sheratons.

    I will be in the San Francsico Bay Area for two weeks.

    Please e-mail your address so I can send a formal invite – if you are interested.

  10. Hello Goyo. Nice pix with relatives back in Tuburan. I’m originally from calle Tabotabo St. I’m in Canada now & most of my pamilya are still back in Tuburan. My mother is Montecillo-Corbo. Good Luck to you…

  11. Hi Maritoni. Montecillo used to be the mayor there, di ba? My asawa says that street is duul sa simbahan. Maybe we will all meet someday in Tuburan. We can make sinugba and have fun.

  12. may i know what baranggay this is? you see, my mother is from tuburan and we get to visit there maybe 3 times a year, tops….. my mother grew up in baranggay mangga which you will pass by when going to molobolo spring… we will be visiting this march for the holy week and if i am lucky enough i can send you some photographs.

  13. Hi Nyor. It is Gimama. If you take fotos you can start a blog too. Let me know if you do.

  14. try visiting this holy week, friday is the best, you see it is the day of fasting which means no heavy meals but you can have light meal like binignit and biko, i guess you should try it it is the best. saturday is colorful with this procession which parades patron saints and of course jesus christ, holy week in the countryside is a must to experience and in holy week you can here local folklore if you insist because it is believed that on holy friday supernatural entities go out to create mischief which i have yet to discover….. next week we’ll be going to tuburan for the holy week so i’ll keep you posted for any events….. ayo ayo sa paglakaw sa dalan bai.

  15. i mean listen to local folklore.. hehe… excuse my typing …hehe

  16. Hi Goyo. I used to live at Calle Tabotabo and kaintsikan. Yes, Montecillo used to be our town mayor.(very long time ago) He was my mother’s first cousin. And yes, maybe someday, we’ll all meet in Tuburan. Ayo-ayo…..

  17. Hi Goyo,

    amazing fhotos it reminds me my home sweet home tuburan..


  18. Hello Goyo,

    im tuburanun.

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