Posted by: goyo | February 2, 2008

Cool Rides

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  1. Nice pics and comments about Cebu. Makes me rethink if I should still continue with my Trip to Pangasinan 🙂

  2. and that’s what makes Cebu peculiar as well since they will put some designs to their passenger jeepneys/multicabs to make it more appealing to the riding public. . . and since you mention about cool rides, have you noticed that tricycles vary in forms and sizes in Cebu depending on which part are you, e.g. Lapu Lapu and Mandaue Cities have tricycles different from those you see in Labangon down to Talisay and Minglanilla . . .. cheers…. 🙂

  3. Jeepney designs are definitely moving works of art – the sound of the horns used to be very creative also.

    Did you happen to have photos of “tartanilla” or “kalesa” – they are horse drawn carriages.

    Some were very artsy in design also.

    Take care!

  4. Edna, yes, I have seen tartanilla on my visits before. This time I didn’t see even one. Maybe I wasn’t in the right places. A shame.

  5. Nice pics !

  6. Are you back in Cebu again Goyo? Im jealouse. For my 5weeks holiday its too short. I wish to win the lotto to stay in P.I. forever.
    About the rides, i had to pakyaw the tricycle to Danao as my hubby feel comfy inside.
    He loves the ride.

  7. I loved my jeepney rides to my mom’s place, then back to my hotel’s place. I prayed that my sister won’t pick me up
    with her car.=) The Danao jeepneys run so fast, they almost fly!! LOL.

  8. you are right ianne danao jeepneys run so fast its seems they are king of the road in the nothernpart of cebu whew but when im in college i love riding it so that i cant be late at school, sometimes riding danao jeepneys was cool… did you try it goyo? anyway’s thanks for the post nice pic cool!

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