Posted by: goyo | January 29, 2008

I’m Hungry Again. I Need More Food.

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  1. Wow! It seems you’ve been having a feast there! I’ve heard of a place in a Cebu called La Maison, true, they don’t offer traditional Filipino dishes, but they serve the best bang for the buck when it comes to ribs.

  2. have you tried the local duck-egg thingy yet? it supposed to be yummy but I don’t think I can ever stomach that.

  3. wow,thanks

  4. rachinoz101, you mean balut. No, I haven’t tried it yet. Don’t think I ever will. I’m adventurous but not quite that much. I have tried buad in the past though. That’s the salted and dried fish that gives off such an “aroma?” when it’s cooked.

  5. goyo — how about bagoong — fermented shrimp paste? It’s awesome with sweet mango as is or with green mango mixed with tomatoes and onions. Most westerners won’t go near it. I was the only one that I knew of when I lived in Luzon that really liked the stuff. Very salty, but works perfectly with Philippine mangoes.

  6. balut is just like the regular boiled egg. but with feathers. LOL…

    La Maison in JY Square is no more…

    And sir Goyo, re the first picture. It’s Paklay not Baglay. hehehe..

    More photos!

  7. hi , nice food…i like it to try…

  8. Mmmm!!! looks good, except for the last 2. Now you’ve made me hungry again.
    Greetings from Tasmania

  9. hahay Goyo .. gutumon lang hinoon ko diri.. you looked like you are having such a great time .. I wish my husband comes with me when I come home in April sa Cebu. But probably not . Maybe next time na lang ….. He is Goyo also . lol …. how long are you staying there ? I want to eat all the food u pictured here .. he he .. I was home last May but walay gana kaon kay na shock ko sa ka init . whooo its was HOT!!! Humid hot !! i lost 5 pounds just sweating ..he he he .. i hope its better this year ..

    take care and thanks for sharing all the good stuff ..
    Anita in Atlanta Ga ..

  10. Bicol Express, tinunoan nga gulay (vegetables in coconut milk) lechon ug puso’ what else I can ask for….perfect combination . . . .

  11. yummy-

  12. Here I am eating my lunch at my desk and drooling – good food combinations!

    I can only wish that I can wiggle my nose to transform my waffles with ham and cherries into the eggplant, seaweed kinilaw and puso.


  13. We are headed there from Manila for diving on Tuesday morning. Are you still going to be around?
    I’m a Canadian living here and they do have some terrific food and it’s VERY cheap by North American standards.

  14. Hi Dennis. Unfortunately I have returned to California already. I envy you actually living there. That is my dream also but probably have to wait 2 1/2 years or so. Have fun with your diving and enjoy the great food. Cebu is a great place.

  15. ohh i jst back from P.I. last thursday but still i love to eat that food. Wednesday on our way to the airport stopping for lunch at Chowking, i order the steam kangkong w/ bagoong its delicious. And i miss to eat the ginataang gulay. I usually have it at Goldilocks SM. That seaweed (nukot) is good for thyroid. My cousin bring me some from their catch and anchovy. So i had kinilaw last Monday. YUmmmmy

  16. Me too, Myrna. I love kinilaw isda or kinilaw seaweed. And that eggplant at Connie’s in Dumaguete I will never forget it. Sooo good.

  17. OMG! Anita, same here, I lost 5 lbs. due to the heat! LOL. Goyo, I’ve eaten those food, mostly home-cooked ones. They’re delicious!

  18. hahay (sigh) Goyo.. i can’t help myself but to looked at your food pictures again .. i guess I am a sucker for punishment cause my stomach is growling now. he he he ..gutom na ko gyud. I can’t wait to go back home and eat some of if not all of the food pictured here .. kuyog ta balik !! he he he. i have 31 days left . i am saving all my money so I can eat everything I want . When you planning to go back ?


  19. Anita, I only lack kwarta! Hahaha. I’d like to balik this disiembre pero who knows? Yes, have fun eating all the foods again. Lami kaayo. Sarap sarap.

  20. Hahay.. it makes me hungry again. i love the kinilaw its either seaweeds, fish or shells. And i love lechon cebu. They are the best lechon in the Philippines.

  21. Yes. Its true. Lechon cebu is truly the best lechon in the Philippines. Especially Their lechon taste good and crunchy skin.. Try

  22. Yes those pictures are makagutom. It’s been 3 years since i’ve been back home. I love fish kinilaw (Bareles na isda)

  23. Try the kinilaw at Baybayon Resort, Kangmating, Sibulan (near Dumaguete airport). Also the chicken skin at Jo’s Chicken, Silliman Ave., and crispy chicken at Chicken ati-Atihan, Cor, Cervantes ST. and Silliman Ave.

    And the fresh seafood at Lab-as. Lechon (roast pig) by the plate can be had at, Sta. Catalina St. cor. Noblefranca St., Dumaguete.

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