Posted by: goyo | January 26, 2008

Life’s A Beach

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  1. Sweet pictures. I do love the beach.

  2. the stretch of maribago would truly offer you the scenery you are craving for, going a bit further on Maribago – Baybayon side, you can also hop on one of the bankas (pump boats) and explore the neighboring islands in few minutes; we normally start from maribago for island hopping adventures, nice pics goyo as usual….

  3. Nice pictures – thanks!

  4. oh what a nice place. Second last picture i reckon is the Imperial Palace Hotel.
    My daughter and niece spend a day at Plantation Bay for 2k pesos each including food and towel. Maybe next time at Maribago Blue Water. We been to Hadsan few years back jet skiing.

  5. Now, I can say, I’ve been there & to most of the Mactan beaches. Thanks to my sister, who’s a wedding coordinator. I’ve been to Bigfoot too, my niece is a sound engineer there. I just love Cebu!

  6. hey! sir goyo, have you tried tuba? it’s one drink i can’t wait to lay my hands on.

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