Posted by: goyo | January 19, 2008

Return From Cantipla

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  1. Did you know Tops was originally built as a personal helicopter pad for the Osmenas?

    There used to be a dome house just downhill from Tops that belonged to John Osmena. It was built of the same construction technique as the Tops shelter, bamboo lathe and cement overlay, a very interesting design.

    I was told an earthquake caused too much damage and it was taken down.

  2. Is that smog or just a cloudy day?

    Thanks again!

  3. Edna, unfortunately I think it’s smog. A lot of jeepneys in Cebu City. One good thing is that, being an island, it all gets blown out to sea when the winds come up.

  4. The yellow flower is gumamela, there’s red once too. I’ve been to Tops. I think they’re clouds because it’s way up the sky.=) It’s awesome up there!

  5. Hi Good For you Goyo ! I give you Credit you were able reached that area . Me I was Born and raised in cebu city but i haven’t gone to that place, the views that you have taken was so nice and so with the flowers, or bulak.. LAst Jan 8 to !7 i went P.I. for vacation but i visited South Cotabato and i went to Lake Sebu and it was a very nice place too. i have lots of Pictures taken in there but i dont know how, like what you did. maybe later i have to learn some more about computer…He he he.

  6. nice houses up in the hill? the trans central highway i usually an apple to the eye of the cebu’s elite and business men alike.. it is here you’ll find nice houses only for them because there is hardly a jeep passing ther to take you to lahug or downtown maybe…. so the place isn’t ideal for common people.

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