Posted by: goyo | January 15, 2008

Cantipla, It’s A Cool Place To Visit

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  1. Bo-ongon is pomelo – they are sweeter than grapefruit. Yummie!

  2. Definitely have me dreaming of delicious “utan” with the very best fresh ingredients.

  3. That’s also where we buy fresh veggies! hahaha. bella’s store!

    If you keep driving, you’ll reach Mt. Manunggal in Balamban. That’s probably the coldest part. hehehe. Too bad you didn’t catch the fog in cantipla. Was it sunny?

  4. The ‘busay’ or falls, by the way, can be seen from the main road. =)

  5. Leylander, yeah we didn’t get that far. 😦 It wasn’t very sunny, kind of overcast and grey. That’s okay, I had a great time anyway.

    So you know Bella? Allright! Someday she will be famous all over the internet for her utan. Hahaha. On your next visit please tell her I said “kumusta ka?” and I hope these seeds make it to her. I have 4 types of heirloom tomatoes and 4 packs of jalapeno peppers I am sending. Couldn’t find jalapenos anywhere in Cebu but I have heard since that Gaisano Ayala has them. I hope Bella can grow some too.

  6. Goyo, we had a big bo-ongon tree in out backyard back in Talisay Cebu. Its very delicious fruit.

  7. I’m hungry again! Man, you sure know how to tempt the taste buds.

    Those strange vegetables are called “wing peas” or “Singadillias”. I have tried to grow them here in Indiana but the climate isn’t right. They need a long cool season.

  8. Hi Mary. I like Talisay. That may be where we’ll settle when we move there.

    Hoz, thanks for the info. Singadillas. I should have bought some so I could see what they tasted like.

  9. Taro is good for binignit. What a beautiful place! The fruits & veggies are truly yummy!

  10. what i’m actually craving for is their SWEET corn..that’s what i’m mising in busay!

  11. Hi Joy.

    I am very impressed with the vegetables around Busay. Very nice, big and oh so ripe. Much, much better than in the supermarkets.

  12. been there recently, and I would really say the place is very nice and cool!

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