Posted by: goyo | January 12, 2008

It’s A Mall World After All

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  1. thanks for uploading these pics. just what i need today. i miss cebu, i miss ayala…so much. thanks again.

  2. What? No Chowking?

    That’s alright your pictures have me salivating. I’ll have 2 ensaymada and a cuppa Bo’s.

    Ummmm I’m hungry!

  3. wow your blog is very good !!! 😉

  4. thanks for this post, Sir Goyo.
    i can’t wait to visit Cebu this
    june. i’ll be staying at the Marriott
    Hotel, vety close to Ayala.

    you are surely enjoying your
    stay there. it shows. have fun.

    Victoria – New York

  5. myjoy is my fave! hehehe.

    nice photo set! =)

    picture pud unta ka sa local brands like penshoppe, bisaya ispisyal, island souvenirs, and loalde. hehe =)

  6. Oh no! I miss ayala mall so much. Me and my buddies used to go to ayala to watch movies then go to the foodcourt then go shopping. But by the way, i think the Great Lakes Crossings mall here in MI so far is the biggest compared to Ayala. But i like ayala the best because dili libog. Maglabad akong ulo diri sa great lakes mall.

  7. Thanks, Goyo! Check the place out! Now we know where to get our fast food in Cebu.

    Ayala felt more like Somerset Mall in Troy, the last time I visited. My neighborhood malls here in Michigan are Twelve Oaks in Novi and Laurel Park in Livonia – not my favorite places to hang out. I don’t like to shop.

    One of my sisters is leaving this weekend to attend a “Rock n Roll and Surfing Competition” in La Union. She was in Cebu last year – Tatay and Nanay spent a couple of months in Catmon.

    Unfortunately, my sister is by-passing Cebu this time and going to spend time in Iloilo and Capiz.

    They bought their retirement home in Iloilo and sort of commute 3x/year between Phoenix, San Francisco and Iloilo.

    It just seem like there is so much to see in the Philippines!

  8. Hi Edna! you’re from Michigan too? Have you been to great lakes mall? I live here in clarkston by the way.

  9. Hi Edna. 7,107 Islands! Yes, there is so much to see. Next trip I want to visit more places.

  10. i never been to Ayala this time but my daughter and niece are. She’s been to Bos coffee and she loves to have lunch at Kenny Rogers.

  11. I like Ayala Shopping Mall too. Me, I was stranded outside Robinson’s because I thought they would open by 9 a.m..=) I was at the Dollar Exchanger, to my horror they won’t accept taped dollar bill or crumpled dollar bill, they said it won’t sell. I learned a lesson there.=)

  12. hi goyo, can i use one of your pictures of the entrance of ayala center cebu for my blog as reference to the mall? we opened a shoe store but i haven’t had time to visit and take pictures. please visit my blog site.
    thank you very much.
    joey enriquez

  13. Sure, Joey, feel free to use the fotos you want.

  14. Thanks for uploading these photos. I haven’t returned to Cebu since I moved to the U.S. in 1993. My family and relatives brag about all the positive development/changes. When I left, Cebu only had Gaisano. Now, there are mega malls everywhere. I definitely have to go back for a much needed vacation.

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