Posted by: goyo | January 9, 2008

Not In My House!

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  1. “Well, yeah! Duh. It’d make me madder too.”

    “Now wait a minute. This ain’t gonna’ happen in my house. Uh Uh. No way. Not in MY house!”

    Hahaha. These lines made my day! Hehehe.

    Thanks for all the info. You should have stayed longer for the Sinulog. =)

  2. Hope you ate some lunch at the SuTuKil next door to the LapuLapu memorial.

  3. A very impressive “down and dirty” historical background of Magellan and LapuLapu. Western civilization is proud of Magellan and his accomplishments ???

    Always inject the name LapuLapu in the conversation somewhere – who is he??? – then proceed to explain what happened.

    Observe the turn of the conversation – try this when you get back and see what happens.

  4. Leyander. Ah, Sinulog. Yes, I’m already back in Sacramento (still more fotos to come though) and I’m missing home (Cebu)! I will just have to sing the song “Sinulog, siyaggit ug kusog. Pit Senor, Pit Senor” I’ve searched and searched on google and cannot find the full lyrics. If you or anybody knows please tell them to me.

    Hoz, I’ve heard of that restaurant but never knew where it was! Ay ay ay, I was right next door and didn’t know it!

  5. Edna, I shall try that. I’m assuming you mean telling the kano’s about what happened, correct? Most westerners do not realize what happened in Cebu. In fact I would guess that most Americans have not even heard of Cebu. Hopefully many will read about it right here. One of the goals I have here is to educate people about Cebu as well as to promote it.

  6. nice pix, I wondering what will be your next post about other tourist destination you visit in the philippines..

  7. It’s not exactly a “restaurant”, but the string of shacks adjacent to the monument.

    The only reason I know about about SuTuKil is there is a Geocache at the monument (the only one in Cebu and one of only 21 in the whole country). I searched out the cache and answers 4 years ago. You can read about the cache at:

  8. Hi Goyo im edna’s grandson. in my geography class we are doing our heritages. im 25% filipino and i just finished reading your blog so i was wondering if i may borrow information if i give credit to your blog and to you. bye.

  9. Edna’s grandson. My hope in establishing this blog was to highlight the wonders and beauty of the Philippines, in particular Cebu. So if you use the info here you are only helping me to complete my mission. Yes, please use all you want.

    So, you are 1/4 Pinoy. Have you been to Cebu yet?

  10. thank you goyo for th permission. my grandma says your mission is always accomplished in our family. and unfortunetly no i have never been to the philipines or cebu but my grandma is taking me sometime soon.

  11. I’ve been there & to SuTukil. The park is so beautiful & the food was great!

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