Posted by: goyo | January 6, 2008

Bacong, Negros Oriental

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  1. Beautiful place! Welcome back to Cebu, enjoy the sinulog festivity there.

  2. hmmm. i wonder what’s next on your list. =)

  3. Don’t forget to swing by Surigao or Bohol if you can include it in your itinerary!

  4. I came across these websites that might be useful if you’re in Boracay (Aklan)– and Davao is a beautiful place, too, even if I haven’t been there — is a website of another foreigner who seem to know more about the place. He has an interesting photo blog as well.

  5. For some reason the asiabill only will take you to a page only (whatever that is) with ads. I have the link in my blog when I came across it and it’s — I hope I got this right now.

  6. Wow – I am enjoying living through your experience – we are having snow and tornado warnings in January??

  7. You got it right! For some reason I keep forgetting ‘pages.web’ and I’m glad you were able to figure it out.

  8. Boy-oh-boy! i missed my hometown, Bacong. I missed the place. Thanks for the pictures. It made me homesick though.

  9. nice pics you got their, hmm i’m from bacong.

  10. I’m glad to see those photos. Just like you i love to travel, miss that little town bacong.

  11. I grew up in another island in the Philippines but I am staying now in Bacong. I love the atmosphere here.

  12. i missed my little town of Bacong dearly. it still looked the same…gosh’ i could smell the fresh air of the beach… Thanks for your effort to take these pictures.

  13. Thanks for visiting my hometown Bacong..nice fotos 🙂 i miss Bacong somuch

  14. nice pics.. 🙂

    its all worth your time visiting dumaguete!

  15. its really a nice place and back to dumaguete

  16. Very nice pix. My home municipality of Bacong got better now. Lots of improvements today than it has before. Please post more pics for ads.

  17. i miss the my place……i miss my hometown…..going home on july,…se you guys around…

  18. i miss the place…….soo much……..

    • hello,
      I think ur the daughter of Ms. teody Tale, shes my Ninang actually…she’s residing at Banilad, right…

      Please extend my regards to her…My name is Mary Grace Alarcio..hope she still remember me…hehehehe

  19. im one of the residence in the bacong . so check out our small town..ull love to stay in here

  20. wow…thanks for posting beautiful pictures of cottages in bacong, negros oriental. Enjoy your tour..

  21. So this is Bacong. No wonder my friend likes to call it her home. I think I would like to pass by this place when I visit Dumaguete. Thanks for posting the pictures.

  22. Thanks for featuring my lovely and serene hometown! That island that you´re seeing is Apo Island. Siquijor is the island fronting the main shoreline of the beach. I´m glad that you enjoyed your stay there. 🙂

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