Posted by: goyo | January 3, 2008

Valencia, Negros Oriental

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  1. Wow. I’ve never been to Valencia. Sige lang, next time. Nice photos! =)

  2. So, when are you moving?

    What i would love to know is how you managed to be off work for so long and travel – you now have me thinking of early retirement.

    I am so envious!

  3. What a beautiful place! That’s one thing I miss, picking fruits from the backyard.=)

  4. great job

  5. Valencia is the Baguio City of the south, thus, the change of temperature, if you have gone further, there is a theme park which highlights Casa Roro Falls, it was quite weird going there before since there were no trails, you will have to use roots from trees as your stairs, but I guess, they have been developed already nowadays considering tourists and visitors are increasing. The church, Our lady of the abandoned parish, so may it seem, but it was actually handed over by the Diocese to the Recoletos congregation, probably, the guys were sleeping when you happened to pass by there……nice adventure…..:)

    • ..hmm.. had you gone to casaroro faLLs?.. sad to say it was been destructed by the sendong.. but as of now.. it slowly recovers from it.. the place is great..

  6. I’m enjoying your blog. Same way I enjoy the guy’s blog. Maybe I’ll post my pictures in my blog, too. I got sidetracked by the holidays.

    I was trying to get my blog started to give Kirsty ( ) an idea of the Philippines at least when she gets stuck somewhere in Manila but didn’t have enough time. I gave her your site to follow since she’ll be in the Philippines for a month (she’s traveling SE Asia) and has just arrived in Manila. I seems she’s going to attend the Ati-Atihan (Aklan — just guessing). Boracay is just a boat ride away from Caticlan.

    I spent my childhood in Cadiz, Negros Occ. in a simple house with “saging”, “mangga”, etc. in our backyard. When we got hungry for snacks, we just went around and climb whichever tree had the ready fruit. Those were the days.

    My husband is dying to retire this year (not supposed to yet but willing to gamble living in the Philippines without insurance). I’m glad you like the Philippines since its a place I still love despite all the not-so-good things that others find. Good luck and I’ll be following your travel. I might learn where else to go when we are there.

  7. oh yeah its nice to reite in Phils

  8. I am not a Dumagueteno but I graduated at Silliman and worked there briefly. The first time I went up to Valencia was sometime in the mid 70’s when I drove my motorbike up to Camp Lookout. Since then, I fet in love with the place and dreamed of one day building a retirement home there. Fortunately, I was able to buy a hectare lot in Sagbang three years ago, with a nice view of the city and Mt. Talinis. It’s really cool there, even in mid-day. If I decide to retire in the Philippines, that is where I would like to build a vacation home – maybe spend 6 months there and 6 months in the US. I also heard good things about how the Valencia officials are trying hard to run a good and clean administration.

    I like Dumaguete because it is essentially a university town. There are 6 universities and colleges there. It is indeed a city of gentle people.

  9. Good choice, Oscar. If I lived there I would pick Valencia also because it is so cool there. Although Bacong would be a close second because of the proximity to the beach. I guess a person couldn’t go wrong choosing either one.

    • Hi,

      I was wondering if you would be willing to correspond with me via email about your travels in VALENCIA?


      • John, I was not in Valencia that long. My base for my travels was Cebu City.

      • Hi John. I’m John from Melbourne Australia. Have been to Valencia twice. Its a great place. Dumaguete is a nice city also. At the moment I live in Melbourne Australian and hacve 2 years till retirement. Would love to correspond with others who may be going there to live . Cheers John

  10. yeahhhh its really cool in valencia.. such a nice place.. to live…actually i grew up there i’ a valencianon both parents of mine.. is valencianon… although i was born here in novaliches q.c…. and but i took my gradeschool there highschool and college as of now im here in novaliches where i am working at the minami manufacturing.. 2 years ago na umalis ako sa valencia to find jobs where i am right now and lived with my father here… but i do still really miss my place …. in valencia kaso lng i dont have enough money para makauwi para magbakasyon.. i hope someday or maybe this year .. na makauwi ako… miss my dear place……..

    • Ur Elmer?

      How are you related to Ella? Are a son of Nang emelia?

      Regards to your mom

    • Good day!
      Your family name is Vincoy right? My mother was also “Vincoy” birthplace is in Lunga Valencia. It also come to my suprise that you live in Q.C, where I also stayed in stayed in Litex commonwealth. Hope to hear you soon…

      • vincoy? na alala q,, teacher sya e.. im ryt??

    • Hi,

      I am considering moving to Valencia to retire and would like to correspond with someone there. I live in the USA. I visited the Philippines times. I visited Cebu, Cageyon De Oro, Bohol and Manila. I loved the Philippine people. The heat was very unpleasant which is why I have thought of Valencia. Where is Bacong? My email addrress in the States is My degree is from a Bible College. Please help me.

  11. I’m from Valencia, Neg. Or. but at the moment I’m out of the country. I really like my town, it’s cool and people are friendly. Did you visit the Forest Camp?

  12. Experience the Beauty of Nature…The Valencia natural-spring swimming pool…

  13. ABSOLUTELY, Valencia is the place to be~

  14. So when is the retirement?… Your photo does portray you as a likely retirement candidate any time soon?! Hmmm,.. seems like somebody is sandbagging us. }~).

    Valencia was cooler?, by about how many degrees? Or was it an altitude effect?

  15. Dan, if everything works out it’ll be in about 2 years. 🙂 If everything isn’t in place then then I will just have to wait a while longer until it is. 😦

    Oh, I can’t wait.

    Altitude effect no doubt, as we were up in the hills. Felt good. 🙂

    • hello sir good day.. i read you message you really interested in mounting claiming hope you can go the casa roro falls.. the japanise & amirican shrine.. good luck hope you can visit. your very welcome in our place..

  16. Hi! you’re photos are superb! You captured Valencia Plaza differently…I never thought it could be this good.

    Hope you visit again here and capture the breathtaking sceneries in other parts of valencia. Rest assured there are still more tourist attractions worth going…:-)

    Thanks for uploading your pics!

  17. Oh I am so envious! My husband and I spent 3 months in 2004 in Dumaguete; and then a month in 2005. We we’re forced to come back to Cape Town because my mother-in-law was very ill and we wanted to be here with her and the rest of the family. She passed away on 12th June 2008 at he good age of 94. Now we are getting ready to go back to Dumaguete permanently! And I can’t wait! Looking at your photos has made me nostalgic for my ‘second home’. I think we will look at staying in Valencia next time, although staying on the beach is also a bonus!!

  18. OMG… I feel overwhelmed with the phosots from Valencia. I spent my early childhood there and just looking at the photos from the park has this bitter sweet taste of nostalgia. I wouldve wanted to know more about the place… but I wasnt able to since I was still a kid then… hehe. Thanks for sharing the photos. I did wondered what happened to the house in the corner, Its the house near the elementary school.

    • Hi Nans?

      I am from Valencia too. I lived in north poblacion. got my elem school in valencia pod. Got interested ko sa imo pangutana? “I did wondered what happened to the house in the corner, Its the house near the elementary school” Basin were playmate before. . hehehe. Asa diay particularly ka nagpuyo before? Kami, atbang gyud sa plaxza.


  19. DEar Goyo,

    I would like to ask permission to use some of your photos of Valencia, Dumaguete in a slide presentation. It will not in any way be used for any commercial or business purpose.
    I shall of course properly acknowledge the source of these pictures.

    thank you,


  20. Man, i didn’t recognize the road from dgte to valencia and the town plaza itself! Info, the town parish was founded by the recoletos almost 2OO years ago and administered in perpetuity as per diocesan decree. i missed my town haven’t been home since 1999! 😦

  21. hello…actually i love that place to im from negros oriental tooo….i really love those place,,,,hehehe

  22. I haven’t been back to the Philippines for 18 years and am looking forward to visit Valencia (which is my namesake 🙂 ). Your photos make the place look oh-so-inviting. I studied at Silliman Uiveristy and on many occasions went to Valencia to visit relatives.

  23. Those are really nice pictures. I grew up in Valencia, and had literally hang out in those places in my teen years, and now, 20 years later, the place still looks the same. That is so incredible. Our house is along the Banica river at West Balabag, I should look at the youtube video of Banica river, really looking forward to it.

  24. Wow…very nice photos! We’ve been there just this Jan 1, 2009 and the place is absolutely very beautiful…peaceful, clean and cool. The houses are very nice…i was really amazed!!!

    I have finished my secondary education there but were not able to visit the beautiful places in Valencia like the Casa Roro Falls, Japanese Shrine, Tejeros and much more. Well, next year…i will.

    We are also planing to set-up a small business there soon. Wish us lack!!!

    Thank you Goyo!!! I will share these pics to our australian friend. Im sure he will love the photos.

  25. hey vincoy i am from valencia too hehe and my is vincoy where u from in valencia?

    • Hi! my mother also Vincoy, Agustina Comayao – Vincoy to be exact, from LUNGA, Valencia…. sabi nila konti lang Vincoy and pag may nakilala kang Vincoy din, mataas ang probability na kamag anakan mo xa! c’,”

      • hey my relatives

  26. what a site!you have amazing photos from valencia,well i’ve been away since 2001 and my whole family are there right there in tejero swimming pool lol.and close to casaroro falls.valencia is a small place but if you want to have a peaceful life mas masarap dito.and guess what my dad and my uncle is working in that municipal hall hehe…i remember the church i used to go there almost every sunday with my mom omg i miss my mom so very much and the whole fam..hope to see you soon guys love you all

  27. wow goyo! good job! I’m following all your posts already! ::)

  28. Hey, remember me? My dad was mayor there. How is everyone from my home town? I’ve been living in the U.S.A. for over 20 years, and I can’t wait to bring my new husband back home very soon. I hope he will not be kidnapped!;-)) Regards and best wishes to all!

    • Haha. Don’t worry, Valencia and the whole area around Dumaguete are quite safe. The only kidnapping he should be afraid of is being kidnapped by the love of the Philippines! 😀

  29. valencia was really nice place to lived…. hi goyo i grabbed those photos i did upload it on my friendsteirs.. jaz to let my frenz see my hometown… i hope u will not get mad….. thnks a lot

    • Not a problem Vincoy. Once I put the fotos up on the net they become public in my opinion. I hope you and your friends enjoy them. 😀

  30. well im from valencia and now its getting more progressive especially that some big industries enter the town and start to build business their..i love my hometown and im proud to be a valencianon..u will never regret staying in valencia…

  31. hi,goyo…tnx for those well captured photos,u made me realized how lucky i am to be a valencianon.but still missed a lot…lanzones and rambutan!!!!!!!!!!
    i am staying here in metro manila.hoping to visit my hometown soon.
    i can be ur tourist guide if u wish…heheheh!!!
    hi!also to wilma ramos.i know that river u mentioned,we used to swim there…during our childhood yrs.tnx.

  32. valencia is my hometown.i just love my place its cooler to compare other town part of Negros oriental,with matching beautiful scenery and full of nature if you go around you will noticed more on green sorroundings,and the town itself its clean and developed a lot…special thanks to the Mayor Rodolfo Gonzalez.well done! mayor you did a great job! you keep the town well.i used to drived going home to mampas the road was so rough but now so happy its cemented all the way to my really really happy thanks a lot i miss my place so much glad to be home soon.

    • Hi, definitely the Valentia is cooler due to the altitude effect but its elevation is only 200 meters around the city hall.

      So, how cooler is the Valentia compare to Dumagute city?


    • kilala muba c marifel imboo???

  33. hi goyo,

    thanks! you really made a great presentation here!

    i am from valencia but has not live there since mid 70’s. am now living in cebu city. really like those picture that you have have here.

    those huts you mentioned are for the farmers’s use. they use it to sell their farm produce during sundays and people just go around the plaza to buy what they want.

    the church looks abandoned! it was not meant to be one but since the advent of fast transport, there are now “quick hands” there that gets things that do not belong to them- including those of the church. that;s why the main door is closed but one can go in using the gate at the base of the bell fry.

    another important note a newbie in valencia should know is that #1, there is a P 800 per home power subsidy that every home enjoys and #2 as a result land is expensive. the going price near the town proper is P 2,000 per square meter while those at the baranggays would be at least P 1,000 per Sq.M. so expensive that one can by a lot in dumaguete before the city’s boundary at P 600 to P 800 per sq.M.

    the town looks improved with all those beautiful houses but the sad thing is that those are mostly owned by non-valencia natives.

  34. Hello Goyo,

    Im proud to say that I am truly a valecianon. I leaved in my hometown for 32 years now. I love the place and appreciated the government for the develoment they made for my hometown.

    More power to LGU Valencia and to you Goyo..

    • Hi May,

      May I ask you some questions about Valencia? I am hoping to retire theere. I am looking for advise from Philippina’s about nice places to retire at.


  35. Hi Goyo!

    Thanks for posting those great pictures.

    I’m from this town too and I really love the place. Home sweet home! You can find more tourist attractions if you go outskirts of the town proper. hope you will find these places next time you visit Valencia. More importantly, you can experience the hospitality of the inhabitants.

  36. Hello:
    My name is Rudolf Kotik and I have to ask you for help to find Katrina Aranchado, daughter of Nila Aranchado from Valencia, Negros Oriental. I am her biological father and would like to correspond with Katrina. If you have any contact with her, please give her my email address and my cell phone number 0917.321.5235 or send me her contact numbers. After so many years of searching for her I found her in friendster but there was no movement on her account for more than a year. Thank you. RK

  37. hi hello! Valencia is a nice place, nice view, fresh air and a good place to live. But isa lang ang comment ko, mostly sa mga nakatira sa valencia ay mga sinahan sa mga talented people, in other words hadlok malupigan.

  38. yung huts po sa par.. it think ginamit un sa parol display.. heheh I dont think pede irent un to have picnic? is it?

  39. thanks for the pix… whatta a mizzin place to remember,,, i can also say that im proud that i am a valencianon too,,, were gonna be one of the lucky person that we have a place that attracts many foreigners and from the other places in the world……thankzzzz see u soon home in october feistaaaaaaaa sa ato bodbod og lechon….

  40. hello there! im from Valencia and surely, u will like our place… its cool with many fruit trees and flowers… the place is really lovely…

  41. Thanks for the clarification. It is a beautiful area to live in. You are very fortunate.

  42. Hello,

    i am looking to correspond with some people who live in Valencia> I hope to find out more about the area? Please respond back to me at my email address

    Thank you,


  43. I am home sick.

    –Mrs. Honeybee
    Anchorage, Alaska, USA

  44. yeah,that is true.i every one to come in valencia because i am the one of the valencianons .there.and i am a student of valencia .the.VALENCIA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL. im proud to be a valencianons.because there in valencia, you will enjoy and amaze the beaut y of it.knonw as THE SMALL BAGIUO.

  45. yeah… i msss all the beutifull sorroundings thier in the tejeros …. and imss here a verrrrry 2 fresh air,,,,,,,,,

  46. This is a very nice blog.

    If ever you need to know the big events happening in Dumaguete and the rest of Negros Orienta go to

    Will also have a classified ads for Dumaguete and the rest of Negros Oriental go to

    We have just recently launched our site so there is more work to be done here.

    By the way will also have a forum

    Hope to see you all there.

  47. nkapg aral aq liptong at bong ao then s valencia high skul 1997-1998 principal was mrs catalbas, mayor dat tym ay teves e,, hndi q makalimutan place n 2,, d old public market, yung champoradohan, public plaza ,,, i love this town khit and2 n aq s lipa city… mga familiar skin ay catalbas, my clasm8s venilez,tuting,robles,apinas,welhem,villaruel,araneta,saradat,laico,barro,esperat, hay my amnesia n akih…

  48. imbo sa mampas,, toro sa bonbong,, lorena my crush dat tym taga jawa,, tuting, veniles at apinas taga bong oa,, robles,esperat, baguio,tuting,sartin,catalbas, at bantog taga balayag manok,so many qng nakilala q b4 hindi q n ma recall d rest sori,,,

    • richard toro in bongbong? he is my first cousin…if im not mistaken my batch in high school ms lorena nocete s ur crush b4?

  49. Hi, I’m from Valencia and I missed my home Liptong Bacong where my parents living.

  50. I do regards all my relatives the Solamillo family, Patina, Imbo, Verzano, Otod in Valencia also dante. God Blessed Us

  51. Hello I have just looked at Valencia, I have lived in the phils for about 2 years, I would like to live there but the land sizes are A little large, i would like around 500 – 800 sqm maybe some on this forum ahs land for sale close to the town, or maybe even a house & lot??
    thanks Brian

  52. .wOw hah.. as iN VALENCIA IS A VERY NICE PLACE TO GO.. hmm.. more spOts to treasure.. and besides.. it was a peacefUL pLAce.. iM froM vaLencia too.. aNd iM so haPpy that not juSt me .. who adore the beauty oF the pLace:-).. how i wish to travel around the world too.. and let the whole world know. how beautiful VALENCIA is… and iM proud to be VALENCIANONS

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