Posted by: goyo | December 31, 2007


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  1. Enjoy your stay in Dumaguete, Goyo.
    my mom is from Silliman. i can’t wait
    to visit there in June 08. thanks for the

  2. Those guys may be looking for sea urchins (uni), I hear it’s delish.

    My BIL in Cebu says he will not visit a town in the US unless it has a McD. SoI guess Dumaguete qualifies for Filpstyle..

    Happy New Year to all in the Philippines!

  3. What a lovely little town. Yummy barbecue. Happy New Year to all!!!

  4. Mabungahong Bagong Tuig! Have a Prosperous New Year!

  5. Very Happy New Year to the people of Cebu City

  6. Happy New Year – got back from San Francisco after 11:00 PM (Detroit time) last night – just in time to be with family for the New Year.

    Thank you for keeping people connected – showed your blog to the family in the Bay Area – have 10 brothers and sisters living there plus their progeny of course – we all enjoyed your posts and photos. Not all of them have gone back to the Philippines.

    All of them took note of Leylander’s and your blogs.

    Thank you again.

    Take care!

  7. im too excited, i’ll be in cebu by saturday. miss the tricycle ride, manginhas, palit bbq @ d shopping.

    aussie beef so yummy. anyway where i can buy it Goyo? in SM.

    cheers Goyo w/ san miguel beer, i drink shandy

  8. dumaguete just happens to be the ‘motorcycle capital of the philippines’. hehehe.

    happy new year sir goyo!

  9. Myrna. Aussie imported Black Angus Beef can be found at Rustan’s Ayala, Gaisano Ayala, at Makro or at the Tinderbox. They all have a decent selection of imported cheeses too. The Tinderbox is on the right hand side of the road going from Ayala towards Gaisano Country Mall. It’s about halfway.

    Omigosh, Leylander. Now I’m Sir Goyo? First I’m made an honorary Bisdak and now I’m royalty! Life is good.

  10. Myrna, enjoy your trip back home.
    my brother from Sydney is visiting
    PH for the holidays. brought home
    aussie beef. too bad, i cant be home
    till june this yr. hope you can see
    Sir Goyo and Leyland in Cebu.

    New York

  11. Happy New Year Goyo! Wish you all the best for 2008:) When you going back to Cebu?

  12. Hello Goyo, daghang salamat sa
    information about aussie beef. I’ll go and have a look.

    Hi Victoria, sureness mag enjoy jud ko. I only heard people bring ham to Phil. Oh that new “aussie beef”. I will till my friend coz she always bring ham to Batangas. Thanks

  13. Inday Myrna, bring all the aussie steak you can.
    they are the best. i brought sausages from NY
    when i went home, i will do the same this year.

    i wish you well in your travel and be safe.

  14. i think Robinson Department Store or Mall will be putting up soon in Dumaguete, so at least, naa nay laing option aside from LP…..Happy New Year

  15. Hi Victoria, i was not able to bring meat. Tong asawa ko kasi maraming bla bla bla. And his fussy eater. So mag-antos cya sa pork and beans.

  16. Hi Inday Myrna, so you are finally in Cebu. read your entry in Leyland’s site. too bad you didnt bring australian steak with you. maybe next time.
    enjoy your wonderful vacation in the beautiful Philippines.

    Victoria – New York

  17. Yes Vic, we really enjoy our holiday.Except its too humid. Aside from diarrhoea, i had a bad cough nearly 3weeks. Dr. said amoxil does’nt work to me anymore so he change. And guess what! the medicine price, its 295 pesos ea. once a day for 3days. Thanks GOD for that makes me better. But in the PUJ its embarrasing having putok.

  18. Inday Myrns, good to hear from you. It is so good
    to have see you in Ley’s blog.
    I’m so sorry to hear about your illness while on
    holiday. But I’m very sure you had a wonderful
    time with friends and family despite the illness and the humidity.
    I’m looking forward to my holiday in the PH as well.

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