Posted by: goyo | December 28, 2007

Road to Dumaguete (continued)

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  1. OMG! Luckily the ferry wah malunod! LOL. Beautiful Negros, it’s in my itinerary. You’re truly having fun, Goyo.

  2. U can’t swim? Your honorary Bisdak status is now being revoked.

  3. bwahahaha. i can’t swim either. LOL. it looked like we were on the same bus… hahahaha. totally the same experience…

    one day, im gonna come back for a total binge fest at JO’s seaside resto. really cool.

  4. i never been in Negros Orr. Hopefully i can visit my uncle at Manjuyod, to experience what you have been through a rough bus @ ferry ride. My uncle always says, they had a rough trip to Cebu. They always visit on January im sure its a big swell (habagat)

    Oh u luv Cebu now, hilak2 man ka.
    Very nice captions

  5. Some of my nephews and nieces said that they really appreciate your perspective of people and place.

    Take care and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  6. Thanks Edna. I’m happy that other people are watching and getting something out of all this. It is the Philippines as seen through my eyes and told with my love. I’m enjoying this and glad to hear that I’m not alone.

  7. so your taking off from the port in Samboan. Its just a very short trip but lots of good scenery especially if the sky is clear.

    i’m not sure if its still there but during night time, Dumaguete folks used to have some ballroom dancing around the gazebo.

  8. Yeah, I thought the ferry seemed a bit “inadequate” too, AND the weather threatening…. till I saw those quasi-canoes w/ outriggers waaaaay out in the water – behind the ferry }~).

  9. Goyo.. nag V-hire na lang unta ka! hehehe. It will take less time than barge. I can see you definitely had a great time here!

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