Posted by: goyo | December 22, 2007

It’s A Bazaar But It’s Not Rosita’s

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  1. nice pics, I didn’t know that they have bazaars in the capitol area, well, as Sinulog is drawing near, there will be a long line of bazaar in Osmena Boulevard in preparation for the Festival. hmmm.. Rositas? if am not mistaken, maybe, they still have a store in Colon near University of the Visayas just beside Gaisano Main Store. as usual, nice pics again Goyo..

  2. t2 goyo. papa remember rosita’s bazaar and rosita’s fuente because he’s very old. he even remembers gap and sen hia ping.

  3. GAW diay, not Gap.

  4. t2 goyo…internationally renowned furniture designer, kenneth cobonpue is based in cebu. his clientele includes brad pitt and janet jackson. check out in case you find gold in the capitol building.

  5. Thanks OFW. I’d like to visit that Rosita’s for old time’s sake but time is running short for Goyo.

    Predrik, I just looked at the link for Kenneth Cobonpue and there’s some awesome designs there. Brad Pitt? Isn’t he married to Angelina Jolie? Or is that Angelina Jolie Bee? Hahaha.

    Goyo in Wonderland

  6. OMG! I do remember the Rosita Bazaar!You see, I’m an oldie too.=) I just love the furnitures, they’re gorgeous! Beautiful flowers! Nicely taken pics, Goyo.

  7. t2 goyo…rosita’s does not exist anymore. go to mcdo in fuente for a moment of silence. that used to be the old rositas fuente.

    meri krismas & hapi nuyir. come back safely.

  8. oh they’re all nice. I agree we need cushion for the sala set. Talong lame para kinilaw. I want the dwarf coconut for my backyard and the other plants. Lovely orchids, what a variety of colors.

    Supreme Court Chief Justice Leyland Romarate yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. bwahahahaha…

    im not quite old yet but i remember rosita’s pretty well.

    (whistle) ‘asa mo?

    ‘but of course, sa rositas!’.


    rosita’s is no more. all branches closed down when bigger supermarts opened in the city.

    mcdo fuente and watson’s used to be rosita’s.

  10. Oh, yes. I remember Rosita’s Bazaar along Borromeo Street near Carmelo, now, P. Lopez(?) Street But it was burned down ages ago. The owner’s children, Robin and Albert Uy, were my ex-schoolmates in SHS-J. I’m now living in Sydney.

    Know their whereabouts?

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