Posted by: goyo | December 20, 2007

From Cap to Cap

Travels With Goyo

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  1. Guadalupe rocks! (bias ko kay I’m from guadalupe. LOL)

    Goyo, will email you later about your mail ok? Thanks 😀

  2. it would be great goyo if you could meet with leylander before you go back to Sacramento CA….it would be a culmination indeed considering you have been viewing mycebuphotoblog prior to coming to cebu. . . . CPDRC looks better than what it used to be years ago……nice pics….

  3. hi goyo, i agree with the idea of ofw_cebu1 that would be very nice. and we look forward to see you both in one great picture!

    daghang salamat sa padayon nga pagpaambit sa imong pagbiyahe dinhi sa Cebu! Mabuhi ka, Goyo!

  4. Hi Goyo! Hey a suggestion..why don’t you visit Poblacion Talisay City? It’s so pretty there 🙂

  5. OFW that is a great idea. Leylander and I have been trying to fix our shedules to do just that. Keep your fingers crossed.

    Mary, I was in Lawaan Talisay the other day viewing a couple of new subdivisions. Looking for a balay to live in when I retire. I am so far behind in my fotos. I will still be posting here long after I return to the US I’m sure.

    Goyo in Wonderland

  6. Both capitols are beautiful! Guadalupe has a very nice church.Great pics!

  7. t2 goyo…thx 4 d new pix. actually carcar is our family’s ancestral hometown. my papa grew up in guadalupe where he stole mangoes from the growers everyday. good thing BBRC was not around then.

    leylander & batang buotan…watch out 4 your wallets when you meet with goyo. LOL. just kidding t2 goyo. dyok lang 🙂 Asa mo mangaon?

  8. dakua diay’g lawas ni lapulapu no? kusog tingali siya mag-gym.

  9. passt t2 goyo. i hear during wwii the japanese buried their gold in d capitol blg. did you find it?

  10. Predrik, if I find the gold I won’t have to balik sa US! Salamat for telling me, I’ll go back and look.

    I did meet some mango growers who were asking me if I knew where a certain mango thief lives. I told them he lives near San Francisco, California now and his name is Louie. Hahaha.

  11. Thanks for putting up these pics. I have never been to Guadalupe and CPDRC. It’s the first time I saw them thru your pics.

  12. amazing….
    the fotos, the writer……..

  13. Wow, nice pix all over. Maybe next time you are in town you could go register at the Capitol and take the guest shuttle to CPDRC to see the dancing prisoners when they are putting out a show. Check schedule at Capitol (a chance to see Gwen) since the dancing is not a daily thing. It is going to be worth your time though and you’ll see Byron there too! We did. LOL.

  14. P.S. I mean you are more likely to see Byron at CPDRC than at the Capitol. He looks so benign for a warden.

  15. mm your name more like a chocolate. goyo. anyway thanks for the post! cebu capitol signifies the power of the cebuano people.

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