Posted by: goyo | December 17, 2007

Danao City Cebu

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  1. Danao is my BIL hometown. They are related to the Duranos. In politics, it has been said,”It takes a Durano, to beat a Durano.”

    Hope you got to visit the burial place of Ramon Durano it is very inspiring with busts of the Popes, all viewing his resting place.

  2. Danao is a beautiful place. My late father & sister used to work for them in one of their Law Firms. The Duranos are very good & friendly people! We went swimming with Teddy Durano a few times.=)


    Si Juan nag-text samtang nilabang sa karsada, naligsan, patay!

    Si Pidro, nag-text samtang nag-drive sa iyang multicab, nabangga, patay!

    Si Inting, walay gustong makigtext kaniya, nagpakamatay!!!!!!!!

    More, more, more pictures please…

  4. nice heads up goyo….also, in one of the pics you posted, 6th picture (tricycle), though we, cebuanos innovated it by using bicycle with a side car, and call it as TriSIKAD – sikad denotes the use of foot by pedalling.

  5. Danao definitely IS Durano country! hehe

  6. Thank you for sharing the beauty of Danao!

  7. Ley, that’s why some people they call Danao “Duranao.” LOL.

  8. wow..danao is different when viewed thru the eyes of a tourist! i live in cebu but i never really ‘looked’ at danao.
    thanks for visiting cebu & for posting these!

  9. Ohhhh next month i gonna be there shopping in Gaisano and snacks at Jollibee.

    I used to attend mass on that church when i used to lived in my uncle at Duterte St.

    Viva Snr. Santo Tomas de Villanueva
    Thanks Goyo

  10. thanks Goyo! you took some awesome Pictures…

    take care and enjoy your visit. eat some good food and tell us all about it . he he he he ..

    kinilaw anyone ??

  11. Nice photos! I really enjoyed your blog. You must be inspired by leylander huh?

  12. Kris, husto ka! Yes, I was sitting in the US staring akong pc, tanaw sa “My Cebu Photo Blog” by Leyander. Damgo, damgo sa Cebu. Now I am here and it is absolutely wonderful! Gusto kaayo ko sa Cebu. Thank you again Leylander.

    Goyo in Wonderland

  13. t2 goyo…papa told me 2 tell u that you should check out the firing ranges in mactan b4 u come back to tate. at plantation bay, tambuli or mactan shooting club, you can shoot 20 rounds from a fully automatic ak-47 for P2000.

  14. Alas, too late, Predrik. My plane leaves in less than 4 hours. 😦 Hilak, hilak.

  15. hi goyo! thanks for posting good picture about my hometown danao city, cebu… while looking the picture and the captions i feel crying and missing my place more and more.. i miss danao there no place like danao for me i born and grew up there particulary in guinsay where Ramon Durano SR, the father of danao buried…
    im here now in Toronto Canada in a western world big buildings, more progressive and high tech but for me i still miss riding multicab, tricycle and the market there! danao is getting progressive each day, i think u been in our new terminal, new Civic Center and we have small mall there also the Gaisano… i miss my home, i miss danao so much! thanks goyo for visiting my hometown…

    • Hi Lyn, I am from Sabang, Danao. My name is Boyito and I am practically new here in Virginia, USA. I keep on looking for friends from Danao, I happened to meet a couple in the grocery store but I lost their contacts. Do you still speak Cebuano? Although I left Danao after my high school in 1987, went o Bacolod to study, settled in Manila and moved here USA last year. I keep on visiting Danao when I was still in Pinas because my parents and relatives live there. After seeing the pics and reading your comments I started to miss Danao and the reason for this reply.

      • Hi Boyito:

        Good day!
        I was able to track you down via
        I am just keeping in touch. I am one of your classmates from the CICM Novitiate in Taytay Rizal.
        My family currenlty resides in Vancouver, Canada. Send me an e- mail for kumustahan. Blessings to you and your family.

        Cheers kapatid!
        Laureto and family

  16. Hi Lynn. Yes, I can relate. I didn’t grow up there and I was just there a few weeks ago but mingaw kaayo sa Cebu. I was very impressed with Danao. Nice, calm city. Very clean and the people are so friendly. Not only that but there is a lot less snow in Danao than in Toronto. 🙂

  17. danao has improved a is evident with the city’s infrastructures.however, gaisano mall danao is quite disappointing.So dirty,there are so many cockroaches crawling everywhere.. the scene is so yacky especially in the chiller area of the mall.

  18. Well done mate!!!

    I was born and raised in Danao.It has truly changed…Kamingaw sa payag!!!

    Im so amazed by you.Thanks for taking your time going to our place.

    I’ve been around the world and truly, no place lke home!!!
    Na homesick nako!!!!

    Daghang salamat

  19. goyo, thanks a lot for posting some pictures and awesome comments in my beloved hometown. But you failed to visit the burial place of “Father of Danao” you can also see there the image of different pope and you failed to visit a place wherein a “Paltik” or “Gun” is made, that’s make Danao most popular in a whole country….perhaps in a whole entire earth….

    Salamat gyud kaayo sa pag post sa mga place sa danao… our place is really awesome place and peaceful, although there are lot of fraternity here but it remain peaceful… low crime rate in all time….

  20. Hi,

    I just want to ask if this is the travel agency from Cebu who are assisting clients to make an appointment with US embassy even without i797 .

    thank you

  21. Hi MelJoanne. No, can’t help you there.

    Maybe this link will help;

  22. danao city fiesta is fast approaching, danao city celebrate the fiesta every 3rd sunday of september in honor of sr. sto tomas de villanueva….

    don’t miss that fiesta goyo and guys out other, there is a lot fun. We have “Karansa festival”. it just like sinulog… “concert”, “peryahan”, “theater show”, “variety show”, “beauty pageant” and etc.

    so, if want to visit danao those days, book your schedule now, mamista ta ninyo tanan…

  23. its a wonderful place, how i wish i will be there in my husband originally from danao cebu city but i never get, hopefully when my husband came from taiwan will be there soon.

  24. Yepee…3 days more to go fiesta na sd sa Danao.. Hope you can come and visit danao guys and ladies…. We celebrate our fiesta this coming sunday and monday. Sept 21-22, 2008..

    Ma miesta nata….

  25. hi… are there any decent hotels in danao city? whats the rate for these hotels?

    what other tourist attractions there?

  26. thank u! 4 posting danao picture; i really miss that place.

  27. if theres quistions about danao.i love to share to all what ive know;danao is a quit place,u can feell the nature;and people in danao is verry helpfull and very nice person and true;u like it promise….

  28. theres a lot travel agency in cebu;u can search anything u want.

  29. i’d like to visit danao,,my grandmother trying to search her relatives/family that even their names i dont know..she’s old now and i want her to bring her back from where she was born(danao)/gave birth to my my grandmother told me she left cebu and bring my father 3yrs old that time when my grandfather died and his family want to get my father as to continue whats my grandfather business left, granny decided to raised him alone here in manila.. and this time at her age, i want her to meet again her long lost family, my father’s ancestral and for us to recognize too..
    gonzales family for my grandmother
    chuan family for my grandfather

    seem’s only happen in telenovena or movies but in real life too!

    is danao a big city? seeing the pictures alone tells that my grandmoms hometown is a wonderful place.

    wish me luck! =)

    • Hi Grayssie.

      Danao City is not a big city. It’s a small, intimate city sitting alongside the ocean just north of Cebu City. It’s a very nice and pleasant place. It seems very calm there and the people are so nice. A beautiful city really. I was really impressed with Danao.

      I wish you luck with your quest.

    • hey grassie, amm i happen to be the son of the secretary to the mayor of danao city, i know some gonzales’ and the husband of my tita is actually having a gonzales middle name so maybe i could help… email me.

      • hello jaive,

        Hope you could help me find my relatives there in Danao City.

        thanks and God bless.

    • Hello Grassie,

      Maybe we are relatives, my father’s surname is Gonzales, her mother’s family name is Durano from Danao City.

      Me too were raised in Manila. and i also wanted to know my relatives there.

      God bless us.

  30. Hi Goyo, you make me homesick, but its oky Im going home in a couple months.I born and grow up there little town of MANTIJA, now Im in Washington State.I use to work in CEBU MITSUMI I was there for five and half years. Thank you.

  31. Hey There Goyo,

    YOU are wonderful!!! Thanks for posting one of our interesting spots here.

    Wish YOU could travel Cebu as often as can be!

    Kind Regard…

  32. The photos are wonderful and I started to miss the place where I was born and grown up. It is better that you have not shown in the photos the fresh seafood sold inside the public market of Danao. Or else, I will be tempted to have an early home vacation and go straight to the market to buy, tihi-tihi, imbaw, bakasi and dangkit. I can’t find those here in Virginia and Washington DC markets nor in some Filipino stores around the area.

  33. hay goyo nalipay gyod ko nga mi bisita ka sa akong home town danao.nakita nako ang imong mga photos.salamat gyod.diana ako sa canada.toronto.

  34. Are there places to swim there?

    How much is the hotel?

    Are there motorbike that can be rented to get around?



  35. Thank’s I did enjoy again of all this pictures and text.

  36. wow i have sister living in danao kmusta mo dha concepcion family dha sa ilaya

  37. Thank you for posting these! I was deciding where to stay when I visit Cebu island next month and you helped me to choose Danao!

  38. pls regards my relatives in suba. danny, suzette, cokkie, arvin, carla, kan kan, my auntie auring, purit, minnie. kmsta?

    Bem bem

  39. Hi, I will be traveling to the philippines for the very first time and will be traveling to danao city, To meet my girlfrend, who i we met some months ago on a internet site, Many people who i have also chatted with on that site , Have told me not to travel there because its very dangerous for tourist, Many guns and drugs there, I am very worried, Any feed up on that plzz,

    Also are there any beautiful beaches there to swim ?

    How much would it be in a budget clean hotel ?

    • Atila it certainly wasn’t dangerous for me. I loved the city. Beautiful place with the ocean as your doorstep and the mountains in your backyard. It seemed so calm and peaceful there. Just exercise the same amount of caution you would in your own home town. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how nice it is. Nindot (Nice).

      For a hotel try Intosan Resort at Website lists P900 up to P2000 per night.

      By the way, I found this tip about Intosan on Leylander’s “My Cebu Photo Blog”. If you haven’t checked it out yet please do so. It’s a quality site run by a quality photo blogger.

      • Hi Goyo,

        Thank you for the pictures of my hometown, Danao City. I am residing now in Bellingham, WA USA. I missed Danao. My husband and I used to visit our home there in barangay Sabang every winter but now I’m working it is difficult to visit every year so we do it every other year. My brother is a teacher there in Guinsay (Durano school for the scholar students). Last year we were there for vacation from 9/28 to 10/28 2009. What year did you visit Danao?


    • Don’t know who told you that Danao is dangerous for foreigners, but they are totally wrong. I am an American from New Jersey, and I lived in Cebu City for about 1.5 yrs and then moved to Danao City for a year in Nov 2006. Back in the states now but I have a 3 yr old daughter and wife living in Danao now. I never had a problem there and found the people to be very friendly. I seldom would see other foreigners in Danao. There is one very nice and clean hotel there on the ocean side of the highway coming from the south, just past Mitsumi, the largest employer in the area. It is more like a motel in the USA, but very clean and afordable and it has 2 nice swimming pools and a restaurant near the ocean. Prices are very reasonable. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of it. It is a nice quiet town to live in but small and not much to do there for tourists. If you are going there as a tourist, one or two days is enough time to see what sites are there. I miss Danao and plan to return there permanently in the next 2 years.

      • The name of the hotel is El Salvador. We have a home just a walking distance from there.

  40. haist! a pleasant day im glad to found this article it promotes also the tourism industry of danao city not knowing that our town was dangerous for the excurtionist but for us to be aware. . .

    im proud to be as one of the danaoanons. hope to come back soon.

  41. Maayong adlaw ninyo tanan! Ako pud taga danao pud. Salamat kaau sa pag post. GI mingaw pud ko sa danao.

  42. Maayong adlaw kaninyong tanan dinhi sa Danao city,Cebu.Ang akong mga familia karon ana-a sa Carcar city.Sa unang vacation ko dinhi nalibot ko ang province of Cebu ug dako na ka-ayo ang progresso sa maong siudad sa Danao tungod ba sa ma-ayong pagdumala sa pamahala-an ug sa kabu-otan usab sa mga Durano nga ma-oy nagdumala sa ka-unlaran sa ma-ong siudad. Now I would like to live here in Danao city as one of a foriegn pensioners in the city. I like to be a Durano not Duran ( add- O )I”ll be coming back of another vacation here these year 2010 and Thanks to the good honest government of Danao city.

  43. It was a wonderful day when we passed over Danao city a cleaness place in the countryside area down to the beautiful beaches white sand with the clean blue water and breezing cottages around. I had predicted the most religious binding hospitality with the blessing of god gives the Danao city more an endless progress to all the people in the community. I am here in California, looking forward for my next vacation in July 2010 here in Carcar city,Cebu where my relatives are there. I love to see Danao city of beautiful faces.

  44. Hi Everyone,

    My Father is Gaudencio Durano-Gonzales of Danao City, Cebu.

    We use to visit Lolo Amon’s office in Manila, the Gold Mining. But that was really a long, long time ago. I’m still an 8 year old girl.

    We also visit the house of Sec. Duterte in Talayan Village in QC.

    If my memory serves me right, my father is related to the Almendras, Duterte, Durano and Eniquez’s of said place.

    My …how i wish i could have a chance to meet them.

    We were raised in Manila, that’s why we are not fluent in speaking Cebuano.

    I got a chance to talk to Cong./Sec. Ace Durano before and i can say that he such a nice person. Thanks for your kindness, pinsan.

    Please help me locate my relatives there.

    By the way, my Father’s mom is “Cristina Durano”

    God bless

  45. I need a help. I want to buy a lot or house and lot in Danao I heard its nice there but I need not too much expensive. Hope somebody can help me.

  46. danao is still a danao city of sikad not guns…bcoz of durano no investment in danao…

  47. i’m from danao 😀 regards to durano family

  48. I hope in the future can make a big University there to make convenience all the way form north area.

    More power Danao

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