Posted by: goyo | December 15, 2007

The Road to Danao

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  1. Danao – Nipa – Your blog is one of the best – I am from Catmon just north of Danao past Carmen.

    I passed you links along to members of my family this morning – Michigan, Florida, California, New Zealand, Qatar, Dubai and of course, Catmon, Cebu!

  2. Hi Edna. Thanks for the referrals. Unfortunately I did not get past Danao. I was with other people and they wanted to get back to go to a party. 😦 Maybe next time.

  3. Danao is now a city. hehehehe. Nice photos, as usual. And your views are cool. Keep it up! I’m a fan. 😀

  4. We toured a Danao paltik “factory” in 2004. It was amazing to see how they could fabricate a 45 caliber handgun from a simple chunk of steel. The only power tool was an old drill press, no lathes, just lots of drilling and filing.

    They made all types and calibers of arms. From fully automatic Armalite rifles to 38 Specials.

    We were told they could make a handgun from bare steel in approximately 4 days.

  5. Wow! Nice view! I miss the ocean breeze & the smell of it. I can’t wait to swim there in my bermuda. LOL.

  6. t2 goyo…can u bring me paltik 4 xmas?

    f u hab taym, chk out suroy suroy sugbo, gov. gwen’s project, w/c is an escorted heritage tour of cebu. tsek it out at da probinsyal websayt much more comfortable than a multicab ride.

  7. Cool! I really love Cebu and I missed the place so much within Lapu-lapu city. I missed my cebuano boardmates and landlady.

    Such a nice place and warm people.

  8. nice goyo, you seem to immersed with the culture of the cebuanos….it’s nice to know someone like you who takes time to explore the beauty of our land and its sceneries……am a fan too… 🙂

  9. Predrik, O-o, derecho prom paktori. Sekurati sa aeroplano mapig-uton. Kinahanglan ikaw ang mokuha dire.

    Necro, mingaw mingaw. Balik balik ka sa Cebu. You are right about the warm people. Tanan tao smiling. “The land of smiles” di ba?

    OFW, o-o, gihigugma ko Cebu. Gusto ko tanaw sa province. Salamat imong comments and visiting my little blog.

  10. I envy you — you see I’m a Filipino and I haven’t even thought of visiting the places you visited. Great places for sure!

    Great blog! keep it comin’ 🙂

  11. Hello Goyo and company,

    Im sure u enjoy ur short trip to the north (Danao). A friend of mine is a manager or supervisor in that gun factory. Ohh if i can get a lady gun (senyorita its a smaller one) for myself.

    My mums house is close to dagat, ligo kada adlaw.

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