Posted by: goyo | December 10, 2007

Gutum Ka? Are You Hungry?

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  1. wow! you went to makro! hehehe.

    by the way, yellow onions are simply called sibuyas.
    the sibuyas with green stalks is the sibuyas dahonan.

    dahon is leaf. =)

  2. Hi goyo, I hope you enjoyed your adventure in Cebu, add further..Jackfruit is termed as “Nangka” in our dialect……

  3. Ahhh what a great blog. Is that in Makro?

  4. Salamat sa tips on real Bisayan. I am just bansay-bansay you know. Perhaps if I really live here I can speak fluently. I’ll just tell everyone that I am mestizo! Katawa lang. haha.

    Maayong gabii Myrna. Yes, we stopped by Makro yesterday and I had been wanting some kodak of local utan and prutas anyway. Two more visits to Makro and we qualify for permanent card which we will give to akong bilas when we balik balik sa US.

    Goyo in Wonderland

  5. That’s one thing I miss in Cebu, the fresh seafood, veggies & fruits. Yum, I cannot wait to taste them again!=) Thanks for the info, Goyo.

  6. looks like you went grocery shopping, how’s the mangoes? i know cebu has some of the most delish mangoes in town. have fun 😉

  7. ps: i hope you dont mind me adding you to my blogroll 😀 thanks…

  8. Hi Goyo,

    Leyland sent me here. Nice blog. The photos of the fruits, veggies, and fish are making me miss my mother’s cooking in Cebu. By the way, it says your profile photo was taken in Baker Beach. I think it has an au naturel section. Not sure they have those in Cebu.

  9. hi, goyo!

    interesting blog about the Philippines. at present, these prices are not the prices of those commodities now. they have doubled. 🙂

    opo, if you’re referring to the vegetable is upo. opo imeans yes when you answer someone who is older than you, a sign of respect. 🙂

    would like to thank you, too, for having a blog about the Philippines. Mabuhay ka!

  10. Hahaha. Takdol, siguro, part of Baker Beach is for hubo hubo pero dili Goyo because tugnaw kaayo!

    Sardonic Nell, asa imong blog?

    Goyo in Wonderland

  11. so sorry goyo, my blog is:

  12. blog hopped here gikan kang leylander nga site. another amazing blog about cebu and the Philippines. Thanks for posting and sharing your love of my city.

    gigutom gyud ko tan-aw sa mga prutas.. kalami-a gyud..

    additional on what leylander said about the sibuyas

    sibuyas dahonan = spring onions
    sibuyas bombay = onions

    hope to read more of your cebu trip 😀

  13. hi Goyo..I was hopping here thru batang buotan’s blog…i enjoyed reading your entries and photos are fantastic…Hope to exlinks wih you so I visit you often.

    I do have a sister in Moalboal, another great tourist spot in Cebu. I was once there just last Feb. of this year…

    Anyway, thanks ahead..and stay safe on your journeys.

  14. hi goyo.. hahaha.. pagkanindot na blog! bisita sa akong payag panalagsa!

    kasabot ka?

    did u understand? 😉

  15. Hi Narissa. Those prices are at Makro in Cebu City and are current as of Monday, December 10, 2007 when I was took these fotos. Still good prices. 🙂

    Goyo in Wonderland

  16. I miss all those fruits and vegetables! and the prices, too! Those are very expensive here in Japan… looking forward to my vacation next year. I’ll definitely splurge on those sea foods and fruits.

  17. Leylander sent me here also. Looks like your trip is off to a good start. My wife and I are coming to Cebu in February, 2008 so your blog will give us a good “preview”. Thanks for the pictures and keep up the good work!

  18. Tikya, asa imong balay?

    You said (I think) “Nice blog. Visit my house sometime”.

    How did I do? I think if I lived here full time I could learn faster. Total immersion.

    Goyo in Wonderland

  19. Hoz, thank you for stopping by. And thanks again to Leylander for the mga referrals. I have been following his blog for a long time dreaming of when I can come to Cebu. Seeing his blog was the inspiration for me to start one about my vacation. I hope all of you like it.

    Goyo in Wonderland

  20. Goyo, “payag” is normally referred to as nipa hut, you can search it’s meaning in wikipedia for further reference….enjoy your stay in cebu, am just hopping between here and leyland’s blog everyday.

  21. goyo… i said.. very nice blog! visit my page sometimes… i usually refers my webpage as “my payag”..

    i said: kasabot ka? which means.. Did u understand?

    akong payag:


  22. Tikay, haha. Ok, I won’t come to your balay. LOL. Kasabot, yes I know that. Now I know even more.

  23. “..Tikay, haha. Ok, I won’t come to your balay..” — you won`t come to my payag? 😦

  24. Wow – I can remember growing up in Cebu apples were such a luxury and a treat.

  25. I mean I’ll visit your web balay instead.

  26. Yo, lucky u they let u take photos, kano man jud ka. At SM groceries the guard stop me taking photo’s, pislat man jud ko.
    Katawa be… hahahaha

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