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Casa Rosario

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  1. I actually didn’t know of this place until now. I had to pass by this evening to make sure I knew where this was. Hehehe.

  2. You should have let me know. We could have had panihapon. Tomorrow I teach my pagumonkon (nephew) how to use a computer then Wednesday off to Dumaguete!

  3. wow. dumaguete is really. headed for negros too on the 23rd.

  4. Casa Rosario sound alright. But no idea where is it. I love the room w/ internet.

  5. Hi Inday.

    Atbang sa St Theresa’s College. Duul sa Redemptorist Church ug Fuente Osmena in the other direction. Robinson’s Place? Lakaw, lakaw lang. Maybe lima minutes lakaw.

    In-room internet is dsl. Nindot na. Pridgadayr for San Miguel. Tariff is P1300 lang. Barato, di ba?

    Goyo in Wonderland

  6. What a nice hotel! The rice is ever present in every meal there, even breakfast!=) I like the prices.

  7. The hotel pics were great and helpful. It looks like it is on a clean and safe street. The food pics are also well done..Im on my way, Hah Hah.

  8. O-o Ianne. Kanon is everywhere. Yesterday for pamahaw I was not gutum. I told the waitress dile ham ug itlog karon buntag, kanon na lang. She said “you want rice with your kanon?”. Hahahaha. Dyok na lang.

    Goyo in Wonderland

  9. Hi Jim. C’mon in the water’s fine. It’s a small side street, very quiet and safe. Centrally located. It’s close to Fuente Osmena so you can walk there if you like but if you stay there it’s very noisy (banha kaayo) and too many bugoy (bad guy). The only time the steet is busy here is early morning or late afternoon when the parents are dropping and picking up their daughters from the college across the street. The food here at the hotel is pretty good. Ate dinner here for the first time last night. Sizzling porkchop with rice and a real tasty gravy. Ready for this? Cost, P70. Wow, what a bargain. Six restaurants in a small center next door, can walk to KFC or Jollibee. Food Court at Robinson’s Place is about 5 minutes walk. Sidelines restaurant down on the first corner from here. Taxi’s passing the hotel frequently. Went to SM yesterday and only P67 on the meter. Real friendly and helpful staff. In-room dsl and fridge for only P1300? Can’t beat it. I better not push this place too much or there will be no room for me when I come back. LOL.

    Goyo in Wonderland

  10. Hi Goyo, you seem to be enjoying your stay there in Cebu…..Casa Rosario is actually situated at the back of St. Therese College, if I remember it right, their main entrance is facing Mango Avenue, though, normally parents drop their kids at the back due to accessibility to vehicles, and it’s quite a good place situated in a very ideal location with all the shops just a few meters walk away…..

  11. Although I was a Carolinian, back in the day – some of my friends were Theresians. One of them used to live across the street from St. Theresa’s. There was a Magnolia Ice Cream Parlor a couple of doors down.

    St. Theresa’s audiorium was beautiful – saw the “The Mikado” and other plays perfomed there.

    Goyo, you are bringing some great Cebu memories back circa 1950 – 1970 – when we were lucku enought to travel back and forth.

    Ahhh – the exchange rate was P2.00 – $1.00 – like I said it was back in the day

  12. Five minutes walk only to Fuente Osmena. And much cheaper, i prepare that but it’s too late now. Surely my sster did’nt know about that too. She book in the closer place. I will mention Casa Rosario to her.
    Daghang salamat Goyo

  13. I am Tony from Washington State. My wife and I will be visiting Cebu in about three weeks to explore the possiibility of relocating there in the next couple of years. It has been 10 years since I last visited the Philippines (Iloilo) and I am sure thatt there have been many changes since. I am looking for any info that may help me ease our trip to Cebu. I am leaving Seatle to Tokyo then to Manila arriving at 11PM. My connecting flight to Cebu is at 04:30 AM the following morining. In your experience, what is the easiest process in getting from the International to the Domestic and once in Cebu, how hard is to find a place to stay while visiting the city? Appreciate any info that you can share. My daughter and three grandchildren are resiiding in Sacramento.
    Louie, whom I met in another web site gave me your web site.

  14. Hi Tony. I hope you’ll find everything you want here in Cebu. If you’ve read this blog you will know that I love it. I am also scouting retirement locations and believe Cebu to be the best fit for me, so far.

    It’s been a long time since I landed in Manila. I fly into Cebu on Cathay Pacific. This time, United from Sacramento to LAX. Then Cathay LAX-HKG and Cathay HKG-CEB. Removes all the hassle of going through NAIA in Manila. Plus I find the people at the airport to be much friendlier. You can also fly Singapore Airlines to Singapore then Singapore-Cebu. Malaysia Airlines to Kuala Lumpur then Kuala Lumpur to Cebu. Or Asiana or Korean to Seoul and then Seoul-Cebu. Probably too late for your trip this time but maybe next. Sounds like your flying NWA this time? I’ve heard that there is a shuttle bus between the terminals. If you’re in a Yahoo group you might ask around for someone who’s made that trip recently.

    Good luck

  15. i stayed here last month for about 3 weeks and it was one of the reasons why my trip back cebu was all i could ever dreamed of..the staff were great and comfortable to talk with! i even made best memories there in casa rosario would have to be the late nights sitting outside the balcony and enjoying the view.

  16. I was there last summer (May 2009) for a month and am very grateful I read about it here before I went to RP. It was all you said and more.

    Moving to Maasin City 20 Jan 201), will stay at Casa every time I visit Cebu. In room 415.

    Internet is now wireless, included in room price, and pretty good.

    Thanks for the tip!!!

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