Posted by: goyo | December 6, 2007

The Eagle Has Landed

Travels With Goyo

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  1. wow! you’re actually here! welcome!

  2. Thank you. It’s just great to back. I love Cebu!

    Haven’t had time to post everything yet but my favorite moment so far was standing in the garden at Fort San Pedro singing “Matud Nila” with the blind guitarist. Too emotional. Hilak hilak ako.

  3. ah! that blind man still there. Enjoy your holiday Goyo. cheers

  4. I like that song, Matud Nila. Enjoy your stay there, Goyo.

  5. you are so pinoy goyo! welcome to the queen city of the south. oh golly, now i miss the philippines so much. are you with a traveling buddy? have lots of fun in cebu…

  6. Maayong pag abot and may you have so much fun in the city . . .

  7. “Matud Nila” is an old favorite – I am so envious!

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