Posted by: goyo | November 30, 2007

My Itinerary

Travels With Goyo

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  1. Yes Goyo, i hope you enjoy your adventure. I wish to catch up w/ you even in Danao as i come from Carmen. But unfortunately i’ll be there Jan.5 ( aussie citizen now) and you way back home already. Enjoy your xmas in P.I. too.

  2. Inday let me know if you start a blog of your trip too.

  3. Hey Goyo! Hope you have a great time in Cebu! I was actually there about 5 months ago. Leylander referred us to your blog. He mentioned that you were visiting Cebu. Well, good luck!

  4. This is such a great Cebu travel story – will pass this on to my children, sisters and cousins.

    Today is Daddy’s birthday and one of his regrets on deathbed was stopping his trips to Cebu in the 1970’s. This is when the family moved back to Michigan, where both Mom and him were born.

    Your photos is making me wonder what he would think of Cebu now.

    I am threatening to spend my retirement years there so – then they will have to come and visit me and enjoy Cebu.

  5. Thank you very much, Goyo

    and thank you Leylander for the connection.

  6. Hi Edna.

    Yes, my intention too. Retire here in Cebu in a few years. I can think of nothing better. Not only because I love Cebu but also because it is so centrally located making it easy to get around and see the rest of the Philippines. And with Mactan International Airport nearby it’s a gateway to all of Asia! I can’t wait.

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