Posted by: goyo | November 20, 2007

The Sound of Music

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  1. Music has been part of our hearts. We sing when we are happy, when we are sad, when we pray. We sing for our lives.

    Cebuano loves music. We love reggae. We love rock music. And we have a music genre called, Bisrock (Bisaya rock).

  2. Do thavawenyoz qualify as Bisrock or is that heavier rock? At least I didn’t post any Victor Wood. LOL. Maybe I should have put one from Yoyoy Villame? He was great.

    Goyo in Wonderland

  3. its not usually spelled as thavawenyoz.. its davawenyos! 😉

  4. Tikya, just going by what was on youtube. Good music either way.

  5. originally from the word davao, the rap duo made d spelling different from the original 2 make 8 hiphop, so from davao they changed 8 in2 thavaw, d rap duo called themselves as THAVAWENYOZ, bcoz deyr from davao, check out MY FILIPINA GIRL 8z a nyc song,dedicated to FILIPINA GIRLS. theyre not qualified i think in Bisrock, Much Better in Bis-rap i think?They’re Great!

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