Posted by: goyo | November 13, 2007

Why Goyo?

Travels With Goyo

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  1. Maayong adlaw kanimo, Bai Goyo!

    Yes. Indeed, we have interesting names here. We call the “boys” Dodong, “girls” Inday. In some places, “boys” are Nonoy, and “girls” are Neneng.

    What a nice name, Goyo!

    Welcome to our paradise! Welcome to the Philippines!

  2. O-o. Goyo fits me. Happy go lucky. Always up for an adventure. Gusto katawa. Yes, Goyo is good.

    Goyo in Wonderland

  3. Hi, Goyo, I like your nickname. I have one birthname, but many nicknames. My name is Vivian. The nicknames are: Viv, Vivi, Vian, Vinky, Ianne, Baby & the last, but obviously not the least, Bebang! LOL. I will hear them again when I visit Cebu next month.=)

  4. Hi,

    Actually, rather than Goyo, the nicknames Goryo or Goryong is more popular for someone with a name Gregorio in the Visayas and Mindanao.
    In Luzon, or the Tagalog region, goyo means to be fooled or to be tricked, in a manner of jest!
    They say, nagoyo ko siya, ,meaning, “I fooled him/her”.


  5. Hello! nice choice of nickname!
    My family and close relatives call me lyn-lyn. one of those repeated name variations. 😀
    Enjoy your stay in our country.

  6. Bebang, you’ve got me beat by a mile! Of course during my life I have been called a lot of names. It’s just that some of them I can’t print here! LOL.

    RR, gusto ko your version. I like dyok. So nagoyo ko siya it is!

    Goyo in Wonderland

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