Posted by: goyo | November 10, 2007

Halika! Biyahe Tayo!

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  1. so far, i’ve seen and been to malapascua, bantayan, maribago, the chocolate hills, and the rice terraces.

    hope i’d get to see/visit boracay, mt. mayon, el nido, davao, and boracay soon. hehehe =)

    post lots of photos of your travel here, ok?

    we’ll be waiting. 😀

  2. Hey Leylander, thanks for dropping by. Daghan kaayong salamat akong higala. I have been a fan of your photo blog for a long time and there is a link to it in my blogroll of course.

    Yeah, the plan is for lots of fotos. Although I will probably post weekly until I leave hopefully I can post more once I’m there in about 3 weeks. Can’t wait. Will be in Cebu and also planning on visiting Dumaguete.

  3. way problema, bai! 😀

    yeah. there are lots of places to check out in cebu.

    dumaguete is great too. been to the twin lakes. it’s awesome there.

  4. i like the snaps , can ou just updating these?

  5. Bay of Islands, if you mean post more photos they will appear as my travels progress.

  6. Goyo, they’re all lovely photo’s.
    You speak good bisaya. Is your wife from bisaya.

  7. O-o. Akong asawa sa Pardo, Cebu City. Her ancestral home is in Tuburan. Moadto Tuburan sa sunod semana, after Dumaguete.

    Good Bisaya? Salamat day. Only bansay bansay. Trying to improve kada adlaw.

    Goyo in Wonderland

  8. Gorgeous places! I just love our beaches there.

  9. ive been to maribago, bohol, and bantayan.

    and i really really recommend bantayan .. its really a lovely island..

    enjoy your trip..

  10. Good day to you Goyo, i’m having fun reading your inputs here, thanks a lot for the info especially the pictures, i miss cebu so much. Have you visited tuburan already? Taga tuburan sad ko, nindot ang Molobolo springs didto.
    enjoy your stay in pinas.

  11. Beautiful pictures, nice for calendar.

  12. thanks!!!!!!!!!for giving me the opportunity to see beautiful places here in philippines!!make it more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!godbless and more power!!!

  13. Breathtaking!!!

    I am doing a report on Filipino-Americans for my Elder Law class; may I use some of these photos to justify why my Fil-Am elder is wanting to go home?


  14. Sure, Lori. Use any and all fotos that you like. I just like to see the RP promoted. I hope you do well on your report. 🙂

  15. Thanks for posting Philippine pictures. It is my country of birth. I still consider it home although I have been away for 20 years. I do go home regularly, the next one being December. I going to Boracay for the 4th time! 😉

    Minor correction: Republika ng Pilipinas 😉 You have it as PiliApinas.

    I am compiling pictures of Philippine beaches, so I hope you won’t mind me using some of your pictures, especially of Cebu. I was in Cebu predigital age and I have lost most of the printed copies of my pictures. Thanks.

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